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Easy Permitting

Designed to be Straightforward, Efficient, and Less Bureaucratic

To initiate the process of obtaining a state CDL permit, we recommend our driver trainees to complete our Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) online course. This comprehensive course spans 8 to 12 hours, equipping them with knowledge and skills for CDL permit preparation.

For an optimal approach to preparing for the CDL permit test, we recommend following these additional steps:

  1. Start with the Manual Study Guide. 
    Potential test questions are highlighted in yellow. Thoroughly study sections 1, 2, 3, 5 (if air brakes are applicable), and 6 (if pursuing a Class A CDL). Each section encompasses subsections accompanied by quizzes, ensuring a deep understanding of the material.

  2. Use the DLTS Permit Study Q & A resource. Our study guide will be  invaluable to you. It consolidates the questions from the Manual alongside their correct answers, arming trainees with the knowledge necessary to excel in the permit test.

  3. Make efficient use of a Practice Test app. To refine your trainees’ skills and to bolster their confidence in preparation for the DMV permit test. Achieving a consistent practice-test score exceeding 80% will empower trainees to tackle the test with unwavering assurance.


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