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Accelerated CDL Training

Accelerate the Training to Reduce Time and Resources

Say goodbye to weeks of lost productivity due to traditional CDL training schools’ weeks long curriculum. Our accelerated program gets your employees on the job faster, eliminating the need for lengthy training absences. With one-on-one training, we ensure your employee earns their CDL in record time.

Traditional CDL schools can disrupt operations and budgets. Our solution? A training model designed around your business. No more scrambling for replacements or covering lodging, meals, and travel expenses. We come to your location, training your employees on your equipment, on your schedule. with our efficient one-on-one training approach.

Our tailored approach minimizes downtime, helping your team acquire essential CDL skills swiftly. No more unnecessary expenses or operational hiccups – just    professionally trained drivers and a thriving organization.


4701 College Blvd. Suite #104 Leawood, Kansas 66211


(913) 952-7024



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4701 College Blvd. Suite #104 Leawood, Kansas 66211 | (913) 952-7024

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