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Enhancing Employee Skills

Incumbent Worker Training Program

The Incumbent Worker Training Program is designed to provide direct financial assistance to train current employees to avert a layoff and/or improve the economic competitiveness of local business. Read more to learn about the programs purpose, how it benefits the employer, and the IWT resources within your state.

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A skilled workforce

The program provides reimbursement to eligible businesses for specific training costs accrued during the course of training. The purpose is to improve the skills of businesses’ workforce and to improve the company’s business process and competitiveness. It can help businesses respond to changing skills requirements caused by new technology, re-tooling, new product lines or new organizational structuring.

Employer Benefits

Maintain a competitive advantage

  • The program provides funds to offset a portion, via reimbursement, of the businesses’ costs to train and upgrade the skills of its incumbent workers.

  • Employees develop the skills necessary to avert layoff or increase their skills, so they can be promoted within the company and create backfill opportunities for employers

  • The program will improve the company’s overall competitive edge and results in employee satisfaction and improved retention

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