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Truck Washing


  • Current State: The US truck driving industry is severely under capacity and in need of more and more safe and competent drivers.

  • Exiting: The average age of a professional truck driver has been steadily increasing and a significant number will be retiring shortly; exacerbating industry capacity issues.

  • 2023: Contributing to industry capacity constraints, new and more stringent regulations were implemented on February 7, 2022.

  • Needs: Many companies want to efficiently train proven and trusted employees to become safe and competent drivers.


  • Companies today have three general options for how to train their employees to become professional truck drivers:

  1. Inside: Involves taking a skilled driver off the road and working with a new driver until they obtain their license.

  2. School: Involves sending your employee to a central Training Center to follow a standardized process with competitive drivers and recruiters in proximity.

  3. DLTS: DLTS offers a unique model focused on what’s best for both your company and your employees.


  • DLTS works for your company and works side-by-side with EACH of your potential new drivers.

  • We come to your location, help you recruit driver candidates if you like, and customize a white glove approach to optimize the experience for each student.

  • We are proud to offer the following unique characteristics:


On-Demand to Your Schedule

On-Site at Your Location

Customized to Each Company

Individualized to Each Student

Trained to Exact Equipment

Delivering Safest Drivers

At Lowest Expected Total Cost

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