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How are criminal background checks involved?

  • While neither federal nor state guidelines prohibit an applicant with a criminal record from holding a commercial driver’s license, truck companies are highly selective as to the type of applicant they are seeking

  • One thing to consider is that when the demand for drivers is low the hiring standards are high, but when the demand for drivers is high the standards drop a bit

What are the employment prospects for drivers?

Local driving jobs – meaning home every night

  • These jobs tend to go to experienced drivers

Regional and Over the Road

  • Dedicated runs typically put the driver home night and regional runs stay roughly within 1,000 mile radius 

  • Over-the-road operations will require the driver to be out for 7-12 days and back home for 2 or 3 days

  • This routine, while hard, can be managed if it is viewed as a temporary situation, 8-12 months

Teamster driver / union work

  • Union driving jobs are available but the hiring standards are high. The management of DLTS have many years of experience working in the union sector of the trucking industries and will have knowledge of openings for drivers

How to know if a company is good or not?​

  • Be cautious of companies that require the entry-level driver to sign a contract as a condition for employment

  • Breaking the contract often means the driver will owe the company anywhere from $5-7,000 for “training” they provided

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