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What are customers saying: 

Received in Q1-2024

Jonathan R., Safety-Kleen

"I wanted to take a minute and let you know that we had a great experience with Earl and his expertise around CDL training, Tim and Dominic had nothing but good things to say about how he showed them everything they needed to know about how to get their license. Both took the road test and passed with flying colors. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Once again thanks for the great experience and help getting my reps up and running."

Received in Q1-2024

Misty J., Safety-Kleen

"This was a wonderful opportunity! The knowledge that Rich possesses and shared with me was fabulous. I truly couldn't have done this without him. We had some weather factors against us but allowed for conversations on what to do in snowy conditions and allowed me to first handedly get a taste of the driving in the adverse environments. I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone that's wanting and needing the driving experience. Thanks for the opportunity to experience this class and to be successful."

Received in Q3-2023

Rebekah B., Herzog

"I wanted to 1st off say that our most recent class had nothing but great things to say about the instructors and your program. They both made comments about how good the class was, and that the instructor was really helpful and knowledgeable. They both stated that they learned more than they thought they were going to. I appreciate the last-minute instructor switch to accompany Ryan to his test. And I hope Steve gets better soon!"

Received in Q3-2023

Gerri A., City of Kemah, TX

"I would like to thank you and your company for doing such a fabulous job on helping the City of Kemah, specifically with supporting our employee on getting his CDL. DLTS has one of the BEST trainers (Earl Alzner) did a fantastic job on teaching our employee and keeping us posted on how he (the employee) was doing with the test. Earl was very informative, patient, and really made our employee feel at ease. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Earl and DLTS. I just want you to know you have a wonderful employee and he really represented your company well."

Received in Q3-2023

Ignacio V., JCSUD, Joshua, TX

"I would like to thank DLTS for the training provided in order for two of our water operators to successfully pass and receive their Class A CDL from the Texas Department of Transportation. Your team’s support for the online training as well as the onsite portion was outstanding. We would like to send a special thank you to John for the BTW portion and pre-trip inspection. His professionalism and commitment to our students was clear from the moment he arrived on-site. We look forward to working with DLTS in the future to obtain CDL’s for our employees. If you have any questions or need a recommendation, please feel free to share my contact email."

Received in Q3-2023

Travis T., CSD, Carmel, IN

"I am thankful we found DLTS at this year’s APWA conference in Omaha! The hands-on CDL training that they offer is top-notch. They came out to our facility, making it convenient, and it only took a week instead of sending our employees off for a month at other companies. Our employees being able to train at our facility using the equipment that they will be testing with made everything easy. The focus on pre-trip inspection and parallel parking paid off, as our two employees passed their tests on their first attempts. DLTS offers a fantastic service, and it is worth every penny. I highly recommend using DLTS, and we will continue to use them in the future!"

Received in Q2-2023

Benjamin B., City of Grandview

"I just wanted to let you know how good of a job Traci C. [Senior Trainer] did today with our refresher course. I would like to use her for future trainings. She taught me several things myself today, as well as my trainee. She was very thorough, gave me great updates and tips for getting my team ready for testing. She was organized, and taught the team exactly what they need to know. She is very passionate about her job and more knowledgeable than any trainers I have encountered. She deserves kudos, I think she is one of the greatest trainers in the industry! Students learn much easier and absorb more when the trainer cares. ***** 5 stars from me!"

Received in Q1-2023

Joe F., Safety-Kleen Eagan, MN

"Thank you for the great first training experience with DLTS. Chris was great and very thorough with everything he taught. He was constantly connecting with the executive sponsor or the team to provide training updates. The trainees came out of more knowledgeable and confident. I look forward to working with you in the future and would definitely recommend you to any of our branches."

Received in Q1-2023

Porschia J., Herzog Corporation

"I am so very grateful for your company. You have helped me and my company out in so many big ways. I appreciate you working with me with our difficult schedules and I am blessed to be working with the greatest trainers!! Here's to another year working alongside your team."

Received in Q1-2023

Troy S., Butler Custom Builders

"Thank you for working with us on this. Wish we had called you from the start. Just want to say, again, how impressed I was with your team and this whole experience. Thank you for helping us out."

Received in Q1-2023

Joshua S., Clean Harbors

"The CDL Training with DLTS was great for our needs and convenient considering that the trainer came to our facility and we were able to use our equipment for the training. It was an easy process getting the training scheduled; we provided our drivers med card and permit, and registered for the ELDT theory class... and we were done! Our drivers trained for a week each with the trainer one on one and they gained a lot of knowledge based in the training materials and the trainers knowledge. The trainer put a lot of emphasis on the pre-trip inspection and was great training them while they were behind the wheel.


It was a great service that our drivers benefited from. Definitely would recommend and will be using DLTS in the future for new drivers CDL training!"


Tour Guides in Florida

The DLTS team training in Pigeon Key, Florida (Part of the Florida Keys) during the summer of 2023

Fon Du Lac Public Works.jpg

Fon Du Lac Reservation

The DLTS team training in Wisconsin on the Fon Du Lac Native American Indian Reservation in 2023

Adams Land.jpg

Adams Land (Arkansas)

The Adams Land team enjoyed working with our DLTS trainers - taking a photo to close out the program

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