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Custom Scheduling

Develop and Deploy Personalized Training Schedules

Your convenience is our priority. Our training adapts to your schedule, enabling us to conduct training at your preferred location and start time. Upon successful completion of the online Theory training and the acquisition of a CDL permit, we:

  • organize and complete with your trainees the ELDT-mandated Range training that consists of Pre-trip and Backing Skills,

  • conduct essential Public Road training skills. Working individually with each driver-trainee until they demonstrate proficiency in all facets of the Behind the Wheel Range and Public Road curriculum,

  • facilitate your trainee’s entry into the Training Provider Registry (TPR), granting them the opportunity to schedule the CDL driving test at the state DMV.

Our entire team and professional trainers are alongside you and your trainees through the whole process guiding you with proven expertise to ensure the success of each trainee in passing their CDL test.


4701 College Blvd. Suite #104 Leawood, Kansas 66211


(913) 952-7024



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4701 College Blvd. Suite #104 Leawood, Kansas 66211 | (913) 952-7024

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