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Your CDL Training Solution Built for Municipalities

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Diversified Logistics Training Solution (DLTS), Certified CDL Training Provider

DLTS is a reliable CDL training partner and collaborator who will work with you to offer a tailored CDL training solution for your municipality’s prospective drivers. Through an innovated approach and platform DLTS accelerates the time it takes to train your drivers utilizing your equipment, at your location, on your schedule.

This solution is cost-effective, lowering your overall cost, and leverages a team of industry leading trainers who specialize in Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class A, B, and all commercial endorsement education.

The training, customized individually for each of your drivers, paired with our online platform, and industry leading onsite trainers is custom fit for municipalities and their unique needs. That is why DLTS is the CDL trainer for over 35 counties and municipalities nationwide.

DLTS Certified Trainers are solely focused on providing instruction and guidance, rather than recruitment endeavors.

Driver Training

  • Current State: The US truck driving industry is severely under capacity and in need of more and more safe and competent drivers.

  • Exiting: The average age of a professional truck driver has been steadily increasing and a significant number will be retiring shortly; exacerbating industry capacity issues.

  • Regulation: Contributing to industry capacity constraints, new and more stringent regulations were implemented in 2022, Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulation.

  • Needs: Many companies want to efficiently train proven and trusted employees to become safe and competent drivers.

Basket of Options

  • Municipalities and utility companies today have three general options for how to train their employees to become professional truck drivers:

    1. Inside: Upon maintaining and complying with FMCSA’s TPR, it involves taking a skilled driver off the road and working with a new driver until they obtain their license.

    2. School: Involves sending your employee to a central Training Center to follow a standardized process with competitive drivers and recruiters in proximity (8-12 weeks long).

    3. DLTS: DLTS offers a unique model focused on what’s best for both your organization and your employees: training on-site, on-demand, and with your equipment.

The DLTS Way

  • DLTS is a Learning & Development extension of your organization, working side-by- side with your trainees to fully prepare them to pass their CDL.

  • We come to your location, help you recruit driver candidates, and customize a white glove approach to optimize the experience for each trainee.

  • We are proud to offer the following unique characteristics:

    1. Individualized to Your Employee

    2. Trained to Your Equipment

    3. On-Site at Your Location

    4. On-Demand to Your Schedule

    5. Customized to Each Municipality

    6. Delivering Safest Drivers

    7. At Lowest Expected Total Cost

We invite you to delve further into the details of our comprehensive offerings, as they have the potential to significantly transform your CDL training program and bolster your pipeline of qualified drivers.

DLTS is a proud member of the FMCSA Training Provider Registry, the APWA, and the Women in Trucking Association.

Gary Anderson(913) 952-7024

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